Thank you for inquiring about a health insurance consultation with AssureSource. If you’re like most of our clients you are simply trying to find the right coverage at the right price but may find yourself confused by all of the options and concerned about making the wrong coverage decision.

At AssureSource, our mission has always been to assist our clients in finding the benefits and coverage they need and deserve at an affordable price. This is how we make our living and we take great pride in serving our clients. Unfortunately, as the health insurance landscape has evolved, many insurance carriers have decided to no longer pay commissions to agents and brokers. Needless to say, this impacts our very livelihood.

In order to continue offering our services to individual insurance clients, we must now charge a fee for a health coverage consultation. We regret that we have had to move in this direction, but we must be able to compensate our agents for their time, energy and expertise. We trust that you will understand our position and hope that we can continue to serve as your trusted resource when it comes to your health coverage decisions.

Our fee structure is quite simple. We will charge a fee of $100 for each primary applicant and $25 for each additional family member. In exchange for this fee, a licensed agent will:

  • Learn about your individual needs, concerns and preferences and provide an overview of plans available in your area.
  • Conduct a thorough benefits review including a provider network assessment and prescription formulary comparison. We will identify the most suitable plan(s) based on your needs and preferences.
  • Offer you an in-person or telephonic consultation to review and discuss your plan benefit options, answer questions and provide enrollment guidance.

We understand that your health insurance enrollment is one of the most important decisions you must make each year. Serving as your trusted agent is not something we take lightly. You have our commitment that we will work hard to show you the most suitable options available.